We are families supporting families.

Our mission is to prevent insult after injury to those families in birth injury medical negligence litigation by empowering and supporting families to make informed choices and by working with all professionals involved to improve current processes.

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If you are a family going through litigation for birth negligence, you have found your tribe.

We are families who have been or are going through the legal process for damage suffered by our children at birth or young ages, and support families in navigating the hidden world of litigation.

As a registered CIC, we are dedicated to preventing insult after injury for families in birth injury medical negligence litigation.

Our support ensures families are informed and empowered enabling them to make the right choices for their families.

We work with professionals within the sector to improve current practices to benefit all. We are working on ultimately changing the legal process to make the process fair for families.

Maternity Claims
In 2022/23, Maternity claims amounted to £44,965 million - 65% of the NHS clinical negligence provision.

Source: Page 19, NHS Resolution Annual report and accounts 2022/23

We help Support, Inform & Empower families

We help Support, Inform
& Empower families

Our resources are designed to provide families with the knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of birth injury cases, ensuring they are well-informed and equipped for justice.

Support for families

Talk to Billy

If you need of support or just someone to talk to, contact Billy to see how we can inform & empower you.

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Support for families

Peer-to-peer support

Sometimes it's comforting to discuss your situation with people who understand from experience.

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Common Questions

Our FAQs help you with some of the challenges before, during, and after a birth negligence legal case.

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Understanding terms

Our directory of birth medical negligence and common legal terms will help demystify what's being said.

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Litigation Process

The litigation process can be daunting. Our guide can help you understand what goes on during the process.

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Work with us and join our support network

Work with us and join
our support network

We are always looking to expand our growing network of professionals and charities within our sector who are able to offer advice or work with us in improving processes. Whether you are a charity, legal, case management, Court of Protection or therapists, etc we want to work with you to benefit all.

Support Network

For Charities & Organisations

We work with and signpost to many charities to support our families. Not only in litigation but also for the many other challenges our families face.

If you are part of a charitable or other organisation that may be able to provide additional help to those facing birth medical negligence challenges, please get in touch to discuss how we may work together.

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Support for families

For Legal Professionals

We work with Solicitors, Barristers, Court of Protection Deputies, and Case Managers at a high level to change and improve the current process we have for the better.

We often have families in conflict with existing professionals who are looking for advice to improve existing relationships or potentially change.

By being a part of our quickly growing support group in an advisory capacity or supplying useful articles and information for our website, you are in front of a vast group of families that are already in, considering, or post-litigation.

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