Interesting judgment comment regarding fundamental dishonesty

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The interesting part from our point of view is the Judge’s comments on case managers and experts. Case managers can be brilliant or a disaster in our world. As parents, we want what is best for our children, and taking legal action shows our motivation and commitment to achieving security for them. Families like us are highly motivated and knowledgeable about our children’s conditions, and we are always willing to learn more to benefit our children. A good case manager respects that, some case managers ignore the parents thinking they know better, and become so wrapped up in discussing the ‘case’ with the legal teams, they can sometimes forget the purpose of their roles.

The learning points at the end of this article are very relevant to my own and countless families’ experiences.

Fundamental dishonesty is also interesting. Many of our parents will only ever post the success on social media of our children. We don’t often show the hours of holding a sick child’s hand in the hospital. The meltdowns The all-nighters we regularly pull caring for our child as carers have yet again called in sick. We do however have endless assessments, and examinations by both defendant and claimant experts with medical evidence to support our child’s real conditions and struggles. They just aren’t shared on Facebook or Instagram that often.

Once my son turned 8 and could understand more I refused to discuss his struggles in front of him. I will provide evidence and discuss privately with those who need to know, but to him, he is doing great.

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