The litigation process

The litigation process can be complex, emotional, and confusing, for families affected by medical negligence.

We offer a litigation guide and other resources, which aim to demystify medical negligence cases, aiding families throughout the legal process.

Helping you through the confusion

Dealing with a child’s injury due to medical negligence is tough, and the whole legal process is like trying to solve a puzzle in the dark – confusing, frustrating, and draining for families.

It’s not just the legal things; it’s the waiting, the jargon, and the never-ending documentation, assessments, meetings, and the professionals involved that can really take a toll on parents’ mental health.

Billy has created a downloadable guide that helps guide you through the complex legal process for NHS medical negligence cases.

It breaks down the journey into clear steps, offering families a better understanding and crucial insights into where they are now and what is to come.

Litigation Process Overview

You can download our Litigation process overview for free below.

Other Resources

We also offer Articles, FAQs, and advice from our own experience, to support families through the litigation process

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