Past care payments

This is a one off payment made to the parents for the care given to the child over and above that of an unaffected child.

It is calculated at an hourly rate by the care expert. It can also but does not always include, equipment bought by parents, therapies paid for by parents, travel costs for hospital appointments, and hospital stays. It is not a life-changing amount or compensation for what the parent has lost financially in caring for a child.

Past Care amount is paid at settlement and should be paid directly to the parent. If parents have split up, the other parent can also claim part of the past care payment if they can prove they provided care for the child.  

In our world past care payments are the only amount parents will have for their old age or to be independent of the child. It is important to protect it and not allow it to be used without parents’ permission.

My Deputy and Case Manager decided they would use an advance of my past care amount to purchase a new car. I was furious when I discovered they had been discussing my past care without my permission and reminded them it was not part of any ‘pot’ or to be discussed in providing anything my child needed. I looked into PIP payments and managed to achieve high rate mobility for my child and used that instead”.

Helen O’Neill-Nash – founder of Billys

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