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Paul v Wolverhampton NHS Trust

This is a case surrounding secondary victims which has implications for anyone going through a medical negligence claim for a birth injury to a child. A very useful and informative podcast has been released explaining the implications of this. All credit to the original poster and author. How does this affect families? As a […]

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External resources

Interesting professional comment

All credit to original authors and posters. What is the elephant in the room of clinical negligence? Do timings matter in birth injury cases? They do as in the professional comment above about the importance of timings in causality. It can and does make a difference to the outcome. As families, we often disagree with […]

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What makes a good Deputy from the family’s perspective?

What makes a good Deputy?

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Legal Process

Interesting legal blogs and articles

We aren’t professionals ourselves, although we know a fair few and are always keen to know more. We do try to look out for relevant articles and blogs our families would find useful in helping them understand the process they are in. A selection is below and is regularly added to All credit to original […]

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